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Cork Talks hosted by Blindboy

Cork Talks is coming to you live on Join researchers John Cryan and Ted Dinan in conversation with ‘Blindboy’ to discuss “The Psychobiotic Revolution” – the link between our gut health and our mental health.

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CIPHER: Hip Hop Interpellation is a five-year, €2 million study of Global Hip Hop knowledge flows on six continents, funded by the European Research Council.


In this video, Griff, Warrick, Jason, Stephen and Ophelia give a introduction to their research on hip hop gems across the globe.

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Mistakes with your Medicines

We in in the Department of General Practice and School of Pharmacy here in UCC are conducting research to reduce mistakes in patients’ medicines.


Mistakes can occur when the medicine is prescribed by the patient’s doctor, dispensed by the pharmacist or indeed when being taken by patient

The Economics of Premier League Jerseys

In this talk, Robbie discusses his research on The Economics of the Football Jersey beginning with a brief history of the football jersey, then the formal and informal institutions in football, the evolution of the football jersey, and post-war changes.

Aphasia Café

Come join us as we tell you about our Aphasia Café. Stroke causes aphasia in ~ 1/3 of people. Aphasia does not affect intelligence but can affect someone’s ability to understand what they read and/or hear, and express themselves in the way that they want to, often resulting in social isolation. Dr Helen Kelly and UCC Clinical Therapies Society students set up Cork’s first Aphasia Café where people with aphasia meet and are supported by our students. Listen to the stories of people with aphasia and our students about their experience of the café.

Could your pills me making you ill?

Meet Niall Hyland, an investigator at APC Microbiome Ireland and in the Department of Physiology at University College Cork.


Their work focuses on the microbiome and in particular Niall is interested in the bacteria which reside in our gut and the impact those bacteria can have in health & disease.

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3D Bio Printing

There are currently hundreds of thousands of people on transplant lists. Waiting for critical organs like kidneys, hearts and livers that could save their lives. Now instead of waiting customised organs can be created from scratch, by using 3D bioprinting. So, what is a 3D bioprinter?

Douglass Week 2021

Learn about Frederick Douglass and the civil and human rights movement.


Douglass Week will take place in February 2021 and will commemorate Douglass, the “Father of the Civil Rights Movement in America”.

Understanding Listeriosis

Miguel and his team at APC Microbiome are using a system’s biology approach to expand our knowledge on how dietary intervention with specific metabolites can help decrease host susceptibility to listeriosis.

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