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Thales of Milet

Thales of Milet dealt not only with philosophical questions but also with geometrical problems. Among other things - homework for you , he proved that every peripheral angle (circumferential angle) above the semicircle is a right one (Thales' theorem).

Thaleslived from about 624 to 548 B.C. The city of Miletus, from which he came, lies in the southwest of Asia Minor, in what is now Turkish territory.

The dates of his life are given differently; in general, it is difficult to decide what is truth and what belongs to the realm of legend in everything that has been handed down about him. According to a Greek historian - geometry homework help , Thales predicted a solar eclipse on 28 May 585 BC, which occurred during a battle between the Medes and the Lydians and influenced the outcome. This is an indication of his life data and at the same time proof that he had extensive astronomical knowledge and had probably also received the astronomical tables about such celestial events from the Babylonians.

Thales was a merchant who had acquired a considerable fortune by trading in salt and oil and had undertaken journeys to Egypt and Babylon, among other places. This allowed him to deal with scientific problems. In doing so, it was his endeavour not only to recognise nature, but also to explain it.

In his philosophy, the earth was a large disc floating on water, and this was the basic principle and source of all being. He sought natural explanations for phenomena without attributing them to gods. He founded the so-called Ionian school of philosophers - math problem solver . The fact that he was counted among the "Seven Worldly Wise Men" testifies to the high esteem in which he was held.

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