Games Brains Play

Our brain receives information from different parts of our body. It is the brain that informs us if we touch something fluffy, soft or rough. Our brain, however, is not equally generous for every part of our body. That means that it receives much more data from some parts than from others. How do we know that?


Let’s do an experiment! Ask your friend, sibling, mom or dad to draw something on your back and draw what you felt. Then ask him or her to draw something on your palm. How did you do?


My brain did much better in recognising drawings on my palm than on my back. It is because my palm sends much more data to the brain than my back. You can also repeat this experiment in other parts of your body and check how well you can guess what is being drawn on your skin. Have fun!


A huge thank you to Marta Brocka for producing this video on behalf of Cork Discovers 2020.

Predict which parts of the body have the most receptors. Pair up with a friend and perform the activity outlined in the video. See if your results match your prediction