Cows, Candy and other Curiousities

Meet Dr. Namrata. She is happy to confirm that, yes, fruits and vegetable are really good for you. They contain vitamins and minerals, and a big part of their nutrition is locked into these large carbohydrate molecules called fibres. Did you know that your body can’t actually digest fibres? Why even a cow that eats greens for a living, even their bodies can’t digest fibres. Cool, right? But there’s no need to panic. You see, even though your body can’t break down fibres, there are about a trillion or so microbes that are happily living in your gut. You may not like your fibres, but for the microbes in your gut, fibres are an absolute feast. Just like each one of us has our favourite candy, each type of microbe has it’s favourite fibre. From broccoli to kale to apples and carrots, the microbes love it all.