Cobot - the collective robot

Meet Hedieh. When she was a child, she wished she had a helpful friend that she could play with, draw with and help her to do her homework. And so one day, she started building robots!


In high school and university she got interested in electronic and robotics and now she is doing a PHD in industrial robots. The robots that she works with are able to learn from observing or watching a task that is performed by a human or another robot, They can then repeat the task.


Here’s a look at Hedieh’s robots. She calls them Cobot - short for collaborative robot. While conventional robots are not safe for people to work with, these collaborative robots are. And these intelligent robots could be faster, smarter and more cost effective.


Hedieh’s project aims to create a smart robot that has the ability to imitate. Imitating robots can learn tasks from teachers using different Artificial Intelligence or AI training methods. The more the trainer repeats the task, the more the robots can learn. Hedieh is optimistic about the future of robotics and the impact that these robots will have on human life.